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22 Oct 2015 
Both on land and at the beach, Bay St. Louis is certainly the ultimate, picturesque Mississippi Gulf Coast City. Near the shoreline, the attractive houses and professional buildings perch well above the surrounding shores atop hill side bluffs. Bay St. Louis, MS 'Old Town' retail enterprise, and its residential districts organised at a plateau whose elevation is TEN to TWENTY ft higher than water level. After the French explorer, Pierre LeMoyne D'Iberville explored this particular locale in 1699, he gave thought to building a fort at this area. However, the water near the seacoast was simply much too shallow to transport in men plus supplies through the bountiful oyster reefs that were normally exposed above the shore line.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, or the Bay as it is generally referred to with inhabitants, health spa along with the recreations along with amenities like sailing, boating, deep ocean sport fishing, sitting on the stunning sugar-white fine sand beach fronts still stay. Bay St. Louis still supplies fish and shellfish and locally produced vegetables, and also fruit for local use.

In the 1920's, a two mile in length wooden bridge was assembled over the Bay St. Louis Bay that connected Bay St. Louis to bordering Pass Christian and also the many other communities along the Mississippi Gulf South. This span entirely replaced the ferry boat services in 1928.

During 1953, a contemporary gird and concrete toll connection was actually framed which in turn upgraded the wooden span. That span unified Bay St. Louis with the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast localities. Bay St. Louis eventually became identified as 1 of the ' 8 Sister Cities by the Sea'.

Traditionally, United States Hwy 90 is an extremely useful transport route within Mississippi and has furnished considerable commercial benefits for the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast specifically. U.S. Hwy 90 is still a wonderful 2 lane highway which links the Mississippi Gulf Coast with New Orleans through bayous as well as old rusting slender bridges over swampland.

US Hwy 90 was actually completed within the 1950's and provided the transport demands of vacationers into both Bay St. Louis and adjoining Waveland, MS. A large number of souvenir shops and praline stands were constructed along United States Highway 90 and Bay St. Louis emerged as well known as the 'Praline Capital of the World'. Pralines were prepared every day with family owned kitchens that were actually managed by local citizens who implemented their very own top secret methods.

Throughout the 1960's, Bay St. Louis, MS became the 'Western Gateway' to the Mississippi Gulf Coast area when ever it caught the attention of vehicle drivers traveling east by Interstate 10.

During the beginning of the 1970's Bay St. Louis's city business people along with residents started to prioritize rekindled economic progress as well as success along with a revitalized enthusiasm with appreciating the societal traditions of Bay St. Louis. The beautiful and central downtown Bay St. Louis location has developed into a prosperous fine art colony which lures locals as well as tourists from around the world. Driven by the entrepreneurial intention, artists, craftsman, artisans, along with business professionals have fully invigorated the Bay St. Louis 'Old Town' appeal and also cultural heritage. There really is a very large range of enterprises of every representation that provide sell products, professional services, dining, and also activities which provides for both the visitors and local residents alike. Large numbers of town inhabitants are found at these types of establishments Monday through Thursday. And, Friday through Sunday, the number of patrons who frequent these establishments increases considerably.

Just Ocean Springs, MS competes with Bay St. Louis with the numbers of completely revitalized properties and commercial establishments which were constructed in the 19th century into the early 20th century. The price of for top business real estate in addition to fabulous, well built houses in the historic Bay St. Louis, MS historic sector are low valued compared with similar buildings found throughout other Southern States.

The excellent small business activity within Bay St. Louis have triggered the reasons why Bay St. Louis is the Hancock County Seat and is the top area when it comes to Hancock County's economic as well as professional offices, court house, together with many Mississippi State and County business offices and services.

Bay St. Louis has distinguished itself using the expression, 'A Place go Apart'. The Bay St. Louis 'Old Town' expresses the significant nature of this lovely locale along with many scores of efficiently maintained establishments positioned within walking range of one another.

As we advance well into the 21st Century, Bay St. Louis is really a laid back, and also truly uncomplicated to make your home in type best Bay St Louis Mississippi real estate agent of place. The community projects a warmth as well as a friendly ambience which is the prominent nature of the cities citizens. The residents of Bay St. Louis, are appreciative of the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico shore line, along with the calm as well as soothing atmosphere that has grown around many superbly designed churches, great public schools, and prospects for job opportunities within very short driving distance.

Beginning in mid-spring thru the late autumn period, a large number of individuals from all around the world flock to historical Bay St. Louis 'Old Town' to stroll the narrow paths along with a walk along the famous as well as very breathtaking Beach Avenue. 'Old Town' Bay St. Louis stands to the East and rewards those who get out of bed early in the morning hours with impressive panoramas of the sun rise.

The beautiful Bay St. Louis Municipal Harbor and Marina stands at the intersection of Main St. and Beach Blvd. There is a magnificent, around 6 mile ride by means of a motorized vehicle or bicycle/walking path East on Beach Blvd. This well managed 2 lane boulevard hugs miles of wonderful, sugar-white sand beach front up until it ends at the entry of the Silver Slipper Casino. You will move past many beautiful houses and historic churches which have been erected directly across the street on the higher area that looks out upon the Gulf of Mexico. Celebrated Saint Stanislaus Academy which was built in 1854 will be to you're your right headed East. Yet another popular landmark you will pass is Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church which dates to 1847 and is one of one of the most fabulous Churches on the Mississippi Gulf Coasts. An additional widely recognized church and landmark on Beach Boulevard that you go by is Christ Episcopal Church In the Bay whose initial service was held in 1838. A short distance East of these three famous churches you will likewise pass the celebrated Saint Clare Catholic Church that is also on Beach Blvd. although located in Waveland, MS Saint Clare Catholic Church dates to 1919 and was entirely laid waste blog link as the result of Hurricane Katrina. A large, raised Church was constructed in order to take the place of the original structure approximately 200 yards North of the Beach front on much higher ground. This particular road way will also pass by the well-marked entrance of the wonderful and historical Buccaneer State Park. Unless there is a very special saturday or sunday festival, there really is little traffic on this street. And, as the end result of Hurricane Katrina, there are Bay St Louis MS home sales a lot of prime property uninhabited tracts offered which are directly across the street from the exquisite beachfront at extremely competitive pricing.

New Orleans is merely 50 miles from Bay St. Louis, Bay St. Louis emerged as, and still is a favored travel area for New Orleanians. For the last 140 yrs, countless New Orleanians have actually maintained 2nd residences by the magnificent Mississippi Gulf Coast seashore in Bay St. Louis. The costs of high quality real estate in Bay St. Louis is generally significantly lower than neighboring South East Louisiana. Both prime home and commercial property in Bay St. Louis is accessible check over here for considerably less per sq cubic in comparison to much the same type homes situated in neighboring South East Louisiana.

In May, 2015, the United States Census Bureau stated that Bay St. Louis had a 2014 populace of 11,388 which makes it the fastest-growing city within the State of Mississippi among municipalities of over 1,500 persons. The populace in Bay St. Louis at this time exceeds its Pre-Hurricane Katrina population in July 2005. Indeed, since 2010, the populace of Bay St. Louis has actually risen by 23 percent.

Although Bay St. Louis population is small-scale by large metro measures, the arts & culture scene, tourist attractions & activities, 2 huge gambling casinos, a enormous variety of eating establishments, regular unique functions, outside recreation, beautiful byways, and shopping are without a doubt the reasons why Bay St. Louis is the envy of numerous cities in the U.S. that possess a considerably higher population.

To top that off, Bay St. Louis is additionally considered to be among one of the more lovely small towns within the USA.

Real estate, houses and property for sale within Bay St. Louis is obtainable in all price ranges. Plus, realty in general in Bay St. Louis is appreciably less than other communities within the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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05 Mayo 2015 
Anyone can have a successful home business if organized properly from your beginning. It is very important never to have dreams of making a fortune within the first a year of operating, in most cases this will not happen. Making money online is becoming increasingly fashionable as people commence to think differently. Many individuals have found out that it isn\'t as easy because it sounds because they failed to do their research in to the benefits and drawbacks before starting their business.  Hemp is a 100% legal crop that is grown all around the world, except in the United States.

This may be the core of building a new online business. A blog is another way to links to your business\'s internet site to aid build it on the search engines\' ratings. There are people that offer local marketing consulting that you can easily hire.

The ease of starting a business of any sort is becoming much better because of the Internet. Make sure you might be eating right. The tasks are in the testing.  The Internet simplifies everything in the way few other little bit of technology can, and makes starting a business possible in literally under an hour. No work no money.

The ease of starting a business of any sort is now much better because of the Internet. People never like being sold, but they do love to buy! Give them something that they are going to want to buy.  We are so connected to our laptops and phones that a defunct battery is not only an inconvenience but it can also cost profit lost productivity. You must know simply how much everything will cost, within reason. Include the brand of your company in your business card printing.

Start your personal online business. People never like to become sold, however they do want to buy! Give them something which they\'ll want to buy. and allow you to definitely keep your mojo and eat your ice cream!.

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04 Mayo 2015 

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What better context both to form new business contacts and to develop existing connections than at a business cocktail party, which has a more casual and relaxed vibe than the office - but still maintains a professional overtone? Business cocktail parties are a great opportunity to break out of your shell, whether you are looking to explore career options, expand your knowledge about a company and its employees, or simply to broaden your network of contacts. To put your best foot forward at a business cocktail party, make a great impression by dressing for success, engaging in interesting and stimulating conversation, and by minding cocktail party dining etiquette.

Appetizers and Finger Food: Cocktail Party Dining Etiquette

First things first: you are not attending a business cocktail party to eat dinner. Your focus should not be on the food; don't miss making a great connection by spending too much time at the buffet. A good starting point would be to have a small meal or snack before heading to the party, so that you are not distracted by hunger while attempting to chat. Still, feel free to accept passed food or to try appetizers, especially if you will be drinking alcohol. A few tips to handling food and drink, while still managing to shake hands:

Hold your plate or your drink in your left hand, so that your right is readily available for a handshake. Carry a napkin under your plate or against your drink, so that you can always present a clean hand. Many cocktail foods are intended to be eaten with fingers, so make sure you are ready for a quick transition

Another method to stay handshake-ready is to eat during one part of the party and drink during another, so that both hands are not occupied or so you do not have to balance both plate and glass in your left hand

Don't overload your plate, so as to avoid an appetizer juggling act

Always take a clean plate if you revisit the appetizer table or buffet

If there are dips and crudités, do not dip vegetables right into the bowl: use the spoon to bring the dip to your cocktail plate

One glass of alcohol at a business function should be rule of thumb (especially if you are a junior or new employee); two glasses at most

Mix and Mingle

The most important thing you can do at a business cocktail function is to talk to people! Breaking the ice is never easy at first. But once you spark an initial conversation, chatting and mingling among new contacts can be simple and you will find yourself connecting with many new and interesting people.

The key is to meet new people: don't stay on the safe side by talking with colleagues that you already know and are comfortable with. It will be beneficial to both you and your colleagues if you venture out of your comfort zones and chat with different people

Be sure that you are up to date on current events or a few talking points at hand to spark a general conversation. In fact, sometimes it's best not to start with business chat - often, people would rather connect first over neutral and unrelated topics

Try to find out in advance who will attend the party, so you already have an idea of who you can connect with and of their position within their company

Have business cards at hand. Before the party, check that they are up-to-date (current title, phone number, etc.) and that you have them neatly organized in a card case. Presentation can be as important as the information on the cards themselves!

Dress for Success

With regard to attire, a networking cocktail party draws a fine line: it is still a business function and so you should look accordingly professional, but a more relaxed atmosphere allows for a bit of flair and creativity in dress.

Women: No short dresses or low-cut tops, but a black cocktail dress paired with a patterned scarf or bold accessory can add personality to the outfit, as long as it is tasteful and matches well. Or, try a colourful blouse with dress pants or a black skirt

Men: Most cocktail parties call for a suit and tie, and pay attention to accessories as well, including nice cuff links, polished shoes and dress socks. If the party is informal, don't mistake that for an overly casual dress code: a less formal yet polished attire could include a blazer, pressed shirt, and dark jeans or dress pants.

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Diane Craig

Image and Etiquette Expert

Diane Craig, President of Corporate Class Inc., is a leading image and etiquette consultant. For over 20 years she has provided corporate consultations, helping hundreds of men and women realize their professional and personal goals. She is a sought after speaker at national business meetings, regularly gives comprehensive workshops to corporate groups, and offers private consultations on business etiquette, dress and dining.

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